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About us

What do you do when you meet a person for the very first time? Smile widely and shake hands, isnt it? It is your smile, which portrays you as a more positive and optimistic person in life. And if your smile needs dental assistance, this is when you need to approach Dentique, a posh dental rehabilitation clinic in Kozhikode, Kerala, India. The clinic is run and managed by Dr Hiba Ali. This clinic was opened in the year 2006.

The easiest way to maintain a fabulous and a healthy smile is to go in for a teeth cleaning and whitening procedure, which is done in a clinical and in a professional manner. Dr Hiba Ali is an experienced dental practitioner, who has been practicing several forms of dentistry for the last 9 years or so. These include aesthetic dentistry, implants and general dentistry. Dr Hiba Ali also paints pictures beautifully and you can find numerous paintings displayed in her clinic, as such. The dental restoration programs can be taken up by patients, based on the degree of dental problem, you have been suffering from. Smile make over and smile design are aesthetic dental procedures, which are carried out, so precisely by the doctor.

Dr Hiba Ali completed her dental course in Yenepoya Dental College in the year 2004. The University was affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health and Sciences. Root canals, extractions, scaling and polishing, teeth whitening and other routine dental treatments are routinely done at Dentique. But with absolutely no comprise on the patients safety and other health parameters. We use dental bridges, crowns, veneers and laminates, to perform a full mouth rehabilitation. All the dental surgeries are done using the latest technology and used by top notch dental surgeons.

Even foreigners, can take up a comprehensive dental treatment, if they find the medical services are way expensive in their own home country than what is available here. Dental tourism is catching up in a big way in India. Common dental problems include decayed teeth, abscesses, broken/loose/missing teeth, mal-aligned teeth, discolored teeth and a lot more. And these dental problems are also tackled at our clinic. We also use dental lumineers and veneers, for giving you the brightest ever smile, you had been longing for.

Our Doctor


Dr Hiba Ali is a Dental Surgeon-graduated from YENEPOYA DENTAL COLLEGE under Rajiv Gandhi University of Health & Sciences in the year 2004.After gaining considerable experience under senior ,well experienced dental surgeons she started Dentique Dental Clinic and Specialties center in Kozhikode ,Kerala, India.
She frequently keep herself updated about the recent developments in dentistry by regularly attending seminars and refresher courses. Her expertise in aesthetic and implant dentistry started off with a Fellowship in Aesthetic and Dental Implants Surgery from NOBEL BIOCARE in the year 2007.Ever since she has performed numerous dental implants,full mouth rehabilitation and aesthetic dentistry procedures including smile design,dental crowns,dental bridges,dental veneers and dental laminates. Pediatric dentistry procedures,orthodontics procedures and general dentistry procedures like extractions,root canal treatments,scaling and polishing,teeth whitening,braces are routinely done at the clinic.