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Advantages of Dental Tourism

Dental tourism is beneficial for people who want to get specialized dental treatments at affordable prices while maintaining the quality and standards of treatment ; and at the same time enjoy a vacation.

Cost saving:

As you know, the cost of advanced dental treatments like dental lumineers, implants , clear path braces and other cosmetic procedures are sky rocketing in countries like UK, USA and Australia.

You can have that same quality and level of dental treatment here with us for you and your family and yet make it affordable.


Tourism opportunities:

During your stay with us you can enjoy a vacation , as the Indian subcontinent offers you numerous exotic locales for relaxation and leisure.


Access to state of the art medical facilities:

Dentique is equipped with state of the art facilities and; no compromise what-so-ever is made on patients health and safety .

Utmost care is taken to maintain the standard of treatment as well.


English speaking medical staff:

Dentique has staff that are trained to speak fluent English, so that the patients do not feel any barriers during communication.


No waiting times to be treated :

There will be absolutely no waiting time at the clinic as the premises and facilities will be reserved only for you.


High quality level of service :

The most advanced dental treatments are carried out with the highest level of care and accuracy ; while strictly adhering to the service level agreements and lowest TAT (turn around time).