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FAQ’s on Invisible Braces, otherwise known as Clearpath aligners

You can learn more about Invisible Braces otherwise known as Clearpath aligners by way of FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions). Here they are for your reference:

  1. Is there any age limit for aligner treatment?
  1. Invisible Braces are well-defined form of orthodontic treatment meant for adults. However, as there is no upper age limit, the minimum age limit is 14 years. In other words, patients who are 14 and above, can confidently place dental aligners, to have their teeth straightened out.
  1. Is the aligner removable?
  1. Yes, very much. You can easily remove aligners especially while brushing your teeth or eating your food. Unlike, your traditional or wired braces, Invisible Braces are easily removable.
  1. I am wearing braces, now can I switch over to aligners?
  1. The good news is, yes you can. You can find a significant number of patients who are treated with a combination of braces and Invisible Braces. However, you need to consult your dentist, on how you can go about, shifting from one appliance to another. She will prescribe the right mode of treatment for you.
  1. How often do I need to visit my dentist while using aligners?
  1. By using Invisible Braces, your waiting time, at the dental clinic, is considerably reduced. Your visits to the dentist as well as your chair time is significantly minimal. This is mainly because, the heavy work of changing nets, wires or brackets is completely eliminated.