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Learn the Concept of Special Dental Lumineers

Learn the concept of Special Dental Lumineers by way of FAQ’s

FAQ’s are nothing but Frequently Asked Questions. These are the queries or questions frequently poured in by patients, who are new, to using dental lumineers.

Let us have a look at FAQ’s pertaining to Dental Lumineers:


  1. How long are these Special Dental Lumineers expected to last and how do you clean them?
  1. Special Dental lumineers are contact lens shaped thin wafers containing a durable coat of porcelain. These are attached to the top layer of your teeth and they cover the gaps in between your teeth, correct your stains or tartar, mask discolorations and give you a brighter and a whiter teeth. These special dental lumineers can last for 15-20 years.

As far as the cleaning up goes, you need to keep up with regular brushing and flossing as maintaining a healthy oral hygiene is irreplaceable. You also need to keep up, with your regular dental visits.

  1. How Durable and Wear resistant is the Material from Which Dental Lumineers Are Made?
  1. Dental lumineers are made of porcelain or ceramic material. These porcelain based dental lumineers are highly durable and quite tough. These dental lumineers are quite resilient to wear and tear, but the importance of maintaining a good oral hygiene or a regular visit to the dentist cannot be replaced. The way you maintain your teeth, goes a long way in maintaining your dental lumineers as well.
  1. What types of new technology are used with Dental Lumineers?
  1. Dental Lumineers are simply porcelain, no-prep veneers. No extraction or drilling of tooth material is required, while having these fixed. On your first visit, the dentist makes an impression of your upper and lower teeth, which is then sent to the lab. The lab uses a CADCAM technique to fabricate dental lumineers that would accurately fit you. On the 2nd appointment, the dentist would bond these dental lumineers painlessly on to your tooth structure, after checking for fit and shade.
  1. With Dental lumineers, can I still chew my sticky favorite foods?
  1. There are no special restrictions on what you need to eat and chew. Dental Lumineers are bonded in the most durable and dynamic way. However maintaining the rest of your teeth and gum healthy, keeps your dental lumineers at their best.
  1. Can Dental lumineers be taken off, if I want them removed?
  1. Yes, dental lumineers are completely reversible as they do not involve grinding or drilling of your tooth structure. You can have them removed, whenever you like. And your natural teeth would still be intact.
  1. Is Dental Lumineers procedure painful?
  1. No, not at all. Dental Lumineers are completely painless and non-invasive procedure. Dental Lumineers are a completely pain-free way to either whiten or re-shape your teeth. As these are ultrathin, and are bonded on the top surface of your stained or distorted tooth enamel, there is no grinding, or painful removal of the enamel, while dental lumineers are being placed. Your teeth doesn’t feel the sensitivity and you also do not face post-placement discomfort. In other words, dental lumineers make you look and feel natural, the moment they are placed.