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Taking restorative cosmetic dentistry to new heights, dental lumineers are all set to be a household name in the field of dentistry. Made of durable porcelain material, they are ultra-thin, resembling a contact lens. This thin material is placed in the front of the teeth surface effectively covering up any form of deformities on it. Dental lumineers are placed on the teeth by a process called bonding. The fact that they are natural looking and cannot be easily distinguished from natural teeth, make it more popular.

The main allure of lumineers over other cosmetic dental techniques is that they involve a virtually painless treatment and require no hassles of drilling, filing or cutting when performed by a competent and experienced dentist. The process requires minimal preparation period when compared to traditional techniques. Unlike some of the older dental methods, this process does not lead to sensitive teeth. Since made from porcelain, a ceramic material with glass like properties, they are highly resistant to staining. This defiance to stain helps it to last longer. Lumineers are mainly used to cover up or veil discoloured or chapped tooth. Severe stains like fluorosis or tetracycline and discolouration from previous root canal treatments or physical trauma can be easily treated by this method.

Gap between teeth can hamper the beauty of a smile. So does crooked or chapped tooth. Lumineers provides solutions to all this. The treatment is usually done over existing teeth. In some cases, about 0.5 mm of the teeth surface is replaced. This is done to find space to bond the veneers without affecting the natural look of the teeth. The misshapen or worn areas on the teeth surface can also be treated by this process. The perfection of every work depends on the quality of service. Nestled in the coastal town of Calicut, Dentique Dental Clinic offers advanced cosmetic dentistry treatments. Along with sophisticated infrastructure, the expertise in aesthetic, orthodontic and paediatric dentistry makes the clinic a trusted place for a large clientele.

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