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The Nerve Biting Excitement, that lies behind Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is a wave that is catching up so fast in India. The reason behind this trend catching up here, is pretty simple. You get world class medical treatments at one tenth of the price for what is available in advanced nations. And as you all must be well aware of, medical services are prohibitively expensive in advanced nations like the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. Quite a lot of immigrants from Middle East or European countries also feel that medical services are way too expensive in their own home country.

As such in India, with the spurt of enhanced and sophisticated infra-structure, quite a lot of reputed hospitals offer you the very same medical and dental services, that too which are very light on your wallet, as such. So, when you get a world class treatment at a nominal price, why not enjoy a sight-seeing trip or a holiday, as well? You can make a trip to India, a medical cum leisure trip. We are now going to discover the top notch tourist attractions at Kozhikode, which is located in North Calicut, Kerala, India. Kozhikode is a bustling city, known for its set of museums, bird sanctuaries, beaches, house boats and lot more.

Let us go about discovering each of these, one by one

Discover the beaches out there in Kerala

You can find a beach, just about 200 meters from Dr Hiba Ali’s Dentique. You can conveniently have your dental check-up done and enjoy the sunset at the beach, two-in-one. How good does that sound?

You can find a wall extending around the circum-center of the beach area. This wall is almost 125 years old which is a specialty for nature lovers and connoisseurs. You have a Children’s park and ice-cream parlors in close vicinity. You can spend a romantic evening with your partner, plus entertain your kids as well. Fishermen carry their small row boats and venture out into the sea, just to return home, with varieties of fish.


Kappad Beach

Kappad is the name of yet another fabulous beach, which is situated at a distance of 16 km, from the city bus stand. You will have to get down near Thiruvangure, hardly 3 km from the beach bay. You can then take a stroll to reach this particular beach, wherein the famous traveler Vasco de Gama alighted, centuries back, in search of the land of fantasy- namely India.


Peruvannamuzhi Dam

Peruvannamuzhi is situated at a distance of 60 km from Caliciut’s mainstream area. This is a long drive, from the city bus stand. You have buses readily available to take you to the famous dam area, where you can find crocodiles and other reptiles at play. The natural surrounding enveloping the zone, is simply mind blowing. You also have facilities for boating and a bird sanctuary, near the vicinity.


Beppur Uru

Beypore is in a way world famous. You reach this age-old shipping yard, hardly situated 11 km from Kallayi road. You also find quite a lot of buses in Calicut bus-stand, taking you to this place. You can find the all famous URU, which was built and was used as a mode of transport across the seas, since ages. Beautiful photographs can also be taken at the spot.



This is another picturesque site, which is located at a distance of 78 km from Calicut city, as such. The oorakuzhi water falls can simply leave you refreshed and rejuvenated. You won’t even come to know, that you have come to India, for taking up a treatment, as such. You also have a dam, adjacent to the water-fall area. Direct buses are available from the city junction. You also have resorts and motels where you can stay and thus enjoy nature at its best.

Dolphin’s point

Dolphins Point Singapore

As you all know, Singapore is world-famous, for one to catch hold of big wide dolphins at play. You can also watch a very similar site at the Malabar, here in India. These dolphins merrily leap and swim during the early hours of the morning. Dolphin’s point is one of the city’s hot spots, and is hardly situated at a distance of 2 km from the city-center. You have a Lions Club park, lighthouse and monumental piers, to add to the merriment.

Want to enjoy a ride in Kerala’s house boats?

You can explore the crystal clear back waters of Kozhikode, by opting for a luxurious session of boating, on the Malabar house-boat. You can revive your inner senses and explore the floating city via these house-boats. The hospitality the city inmates can offer you, leave you spell bound. You can taste fish curry and kozzha puttu, which are the culinary specialties of Kerala. The house-boats are stationed near Purakkatiri- closer to the Purakkatiri Bridge. This bridge is hardly 10 km away from Calicut city.

Enjoy vantage points from Kadalundi bird sanctuary

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

This haven of migratory birds proves to be an excellent view point, for nature lovers and bird watchers. The idyllic spot is situated at a distance of 25 km from Calicut city. Birds including the likes of terns, gulls, herons, sand pipers, whimbrels and other such migratory birds flock from the month of November and returns only by the end of April.

You can view birds from April to September during the wee hours of the morning.

Thusharagiri Water falls

Thusharagiri waterfalls

Thusharagiri water falls is situated at a moderate distance of 68 km from Calicut main bus stand area. You will have to catch a bus going via Kodancheri. The absolute bliss the pristine water falls can give you, leaves behind an exhilarating feel.

These are some of the hot spots Kozhikode tourism offers you on its palette. Health care Kozhikode connects to the tourism department and gives you a happy session of sight-seeing, while you have come to India, to take up a medical treatment. We offer you leisure cum sight-seeing and we have JCI approved hospitals giving you world class treatments, at an affordable price. We tie up with our travel partner ‘Tours2Health’. You can get in touch with our main web site, for more info.

Pack your bags, get treated at a hospital and indulge in lovely sight-seeing.