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Smile Confidently With Invisible Braces

Healthy and beautiful smile improve one’s confidence. Dentique Dental Specialities and Implant Centre offers a wide range of opportunity for dental treatments. Attractive and healthy smile can be accessible through number of ways includes

Dental Lumineers

Invisalign (Clearpath Aligner)

Invisible Braces –

Invisible Braces are removable plastic appliances used to correct the malocclusion. Dental aligners are latest dental technique used for teeth which need straightening.


Invisible Braces In Kerala

DENTIQUE, Dental Specialities And Implant Centre provides Smile correction treatments in Kerala


How do they work

Dental aligners work the same as that of braces. They are used to align the misplaced teeth without making much intervention to the daily routine activities. They are removable braces which are made up of nearly invisible plastic.

In a dental aligner, a series of slightly different trays are used in order to fit over the teeth. Each tray should wear for a period of 20 hours a day for two weeks before shifting to the next. The aligners are computer generated, using the images of our own teeth.   

Advantages of Dental Aligners

  • Dental aligners are easy to maintain and clean
  • Aligners are cozy and do not make any harm to your gums and cheeks
  • They are removable, so it make easier to brush and floss after meals

Dentique Dental Specialities and Implant Centre a well known dental care clinic offers advanced Invisible Braces Treatment in Kerala, Kozhikode. We offers advanced and sophisticated dental treatments at affordable and reasonable price. Our goal is to give you an attractive smile without any compromise in safety and other health parameters.  

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